Artificial Intelligence supports processing Invoices

LIMMOBI analysis the following types of incoming vendor invoices:
  • QR-bill
  • Invoice with orange payment slip
  • Invoice with red payment slip
  • invoice without payment slip
Besides the payment information the following information is extracted automatically:
  • Invoicing party for assignment to a known vendor
  • Due date for accounts payable
  • Concerned real property for accounting
  • Typ of service to suggest the right book account
  • Invoice number as vendor reference
  • Delivered volume for fuel for heating cost billing
This allows to process vendor invoices in a single step:
  • Upload the invoice to LIMMOBI, or use a scan-to-cloud scanner
  • LIMMOBI analysis the document and suggests the book records
  • You review and confirm the booking
  • With two more clicks you submit the payment to your bank
  • LIMMOBI stores the invoice in the document management
Since all the accounting has already been taken care of, creating the ancillary cost statement is only a few clicks away.