Property business made easy

LIMMOBI makes real property management simple and efficient. No matter if you let a single room or hundreds of apartments

Artificial Intelligence to Automate your Processes

LIMMOBI uses Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to execute repetitive tasks for you. So you have more time for your customers and to develop your business. For example LIMMOBI automatically analyzes incoming vendor invoices to extract all relevant data. This includes payment data as well as all information required to record bookings and create the ancillary cost statement.

Integration boosts efficiency

Integration with e-banking allows automation of the collection process and payments. Connection with email, calendar, address books allow to smoothly integrate across tools to enhance your work experience and efficiency

Accounting for non-accountants

LIMMOBI presents complex business processes in an intuitive way. You always stay on top of your property and know what needs to be done when. Meanwhile a double accounting ledger is kept updated in the back, which allows for getting tax figures easily. The bill of ancillary expenses is created automatically.

The Template Repository makes correspondence a matter of seconds

Use the template repository to create documents, like contracts, letters, and forms directly with populated data. Respond to typical requests with canned responses. You choose the amount of automation. Standard processes can be automated so that letters are created and sent fully automated without you having to click a single button or touch any paper.

Stay organized with Document Management

Let us manage your documents. We store them safely and make them easy to find when you need them. Upload copies of paper documents and link them to where they belong. Requests from owners or lessees to review documents are fulfilled speedily and digitally. Your data belongs to you! You can download your complete data whenever you want.

Get in full control of your properties anytime from anywhere

All you need is a web browser. LIMMOBI is designed from ground up to excel on any device from smart phone, tablet to desktop. This software is provided as a service from the cloud. We take care of infrastructure, security, backup and maintenance. And we always keep the software up-to-date.

Discover more of LIMMOBI Real Property Administration Software. See the list of features or read more

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LIMMOBI is self explanatory. I've found my way around immediately. It's great that I can just scan vendor invoices and have payment and booking done highly automated in a single step.

Patricia Zwyssig, CEO CE.PE IMMOINVEST

The progress in digitalization of real estate management now enables private landlords to establish efficient and legally consistent processes.

Alexander Karg, CEO LIMMOBI


Simple pricing. All plans include all features . No hidden cost for additional modules.




1 or 2 units

  • 2 Units
  • 1 GB Storage
  • 1 User


CHF 19


Up to 10 units

  • 10 Units
  • 2 GB Storage
  • Unlimited Users


CHF 34


Up to 40 units

  • 40 Units
  • 4 GB Storage
  • Unlimited Users


CHF 44


Up to 100 units

  • 100 Units
  • 8 GB Storage
  • Unlimited Users
Chargeable units entail all lease units (apartments, parking lots, etc.) and consumption end points for the electricity calculation (ZEV).

More than 100 units? Please contact us for a special offer call +41 43 540 2738 or write to

All prices include VAT. Units are objects that could be let for lease separately, e.g. appartments, parking lots, office spaces. If a lease unit is at the same time consumption end point of a electricity calculation, it counts as two units. The number of real properties is not limited. Additional cost may occur when optional services delivered by third parties are consumed in the application. User consent will always be clearly aksed when such services are offered.


Administration for lease units (Mietliegenschaften)
Property in German-speaking Swiss cantons
AccountingA double accounting ledger is kept updated in the back, which allows for creating tax documents.
Accounts payableLIMMOBI will automatically suggest bookings for vendor invoices. With bank interfaces bills can be paid directly from LIMMOBI
Accounts receivablesRental and ancillary cost invoices are created in LIMMOBI and incoming payments are checked automatically. In case of delayed payments the debt collection process can be triggered.
Bank interfacesLIMMOBI has direct online interfaces to UBS, Credit Suisse, ZKB, Raiffeisen, Basellandschaftliche Kantonalbank, Luzerner Kantonalbank, St. Galler Kantonalbank, Thurgauer Kantonalbank and PostFinance. For those banks incoming payments can be checked fully automatically and payments can partially be triggered directly from LIMMOBI. For all other banks files between the Online Banking and LIMMOBI can be exchanged via up-/ and download. Additional banks for automatic interfaces are added frequently depending on demand.
User interface languageSupported languages are: German, English.
Languages of forms, reports and letter templatesSupported languages are: German, English.
Template repositoryTemplate documents that cover most of the usual business cases. Values are populated automatically. Documents can be reviewed and adapted manually.

In develop­ment
Ancillary cost calculationSpecial handling for heating cost and flexible distribution schemas.
Energy cost calculation (including electricty) for cooperations for own consumption (ZEV)ZEV calculation separate or included in the Ancillary Cost Statement. ZEV can entail multiple real properties.
Team functionalityTask lists, task assignments enable team work. Detailed audit logs are kept to be able to determine who did what and when.

In develop­ment
BrandingPut your logo on letters, reports and forms.
Object data managementMaster data management of your real properties and lease contracts.
Contact data managementMaster data management of your lessees, real property owners, vendors and banks.
App and infrastructureWe continuously adapt LIMMOBI to changing requirements while keeping you in the loop about the changes. We ensure secure and high available operation. All systems are deployed redundant. Disaster recovery plans are in place.
Data importDo you want to migrate data from another system? We have adapters for importing, but to make sure the quality is right our experts need to execute the import manually.

At cost
Data exportYour data is safe with us. We have mirrored databases and continuous backups. Nevertheless, as an extra safety net, exporting allows you to safe-keep your own copy of your data or to enable migration to another provider.
Printing and mailingOn demand we take care of printing and mailing your correspondence. CHF 3 per letter up to 5 pages with A-Priority.



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