ZEV Billing

According to the revised Energy Act, since 2018 house and/or apartment owners can form Groups for Own Consumption (in German: Zusammenschluss zum Eigenverbrauch - ZEV). This enables, among other things, self-produced electricity to be sold within the ZEV. Owners of a rental property can also set up a ZEV and thus sell electricity to their tenants.
With LIMMOBI, you can easily implement ZEV billing thanks to these functionalities::

  • Integrated into accounting with accounts payable and accounts receivable management
  • Automated invoicing and incoming payment control
  • Separate electricity or integrated energy and ancillary cost billing
  • Calculation of tariffs with several tariff models
  • ZEV over a single or multiple real properties
  • Integrated billing of e-vehicle charging stations
  • LIMMOBI supports the following tariff models:

  • Time tariff (15-min, 4-tariffs): A mix of the following tariffs applies to every 15-minute time slot: Grid high tariff, Grid low tariff, Solar high tariff, Solar low tariff. The choice depends on the current solar power production and the time of the day.
  • Average tariff: Uses meter readings from the beginning and end of the billing period.
  • The 15-minute time-based billing rewards consumers who optimize their consumption such as to use as much self-produced solar energy as possible instead of enegry from the grid. This type of billing is therefore ecologically and economically sensible. It needs counters that can be read out automatically. LIMMOBI enables this, for example, with the interface to smart-me.

    ZEV Template

    LIMMOBI supports the allocation of the billed costs, e.g. from the network operator. The complicated and error-prone usage of self-made ZEV templates is no longer necessary.

    ZEV Billing Example

    You can choose to create the ZEV billing as part of the energy and ancillary costs billing, i.e. integrated with ancillary house costs such as water, janitorial services etc .. The following example shows the integrated energy and ancillary cost billing of a ZEV rental property with a photovoltaic system, e-car charging stations, heat pumps and oil heating. (Click image to enlarge, German only)